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At the Good Life we offer and extensive lunchtime menu to suit all.

We offer a selection of sandwiches & Paninis  all served with a choice of white or brown bread. These are also served with a side salad and Chips.

We also offer Jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings 

We currently have a new menu. Please pop in and try it!


Thai Green Chicken curry served with Jasmine rice, Prawn crackers & Pickled vegetables. £12.95

(Vegetarian option also available served with sweet potato & butternut squash)

Beef Lasagna served with mixed salad & Garlic Ciabatta.                                           £12.95

Fish, Leek & Mushroom pie glazed with creamy mash potato &                                     £12.95

served with mixed Vegetables

Haddock Fishcake on a bed of wilted spinach served with a poached hen's                   £12.95

egg & hollandaise sauce.


Greek Salad - Feta Cheese, black olives, tomato, cucumber & red onion                           £8.25

Chicken Caesar Salad - Lettuce, Chicken, avocado, Croutons,                                             £9.75

Parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing.

Salmon bite salad - Spicy fried Panko breaded pieces of salmon, Lettuce,                      £ 11.25

Cherry tomato, sauteed new potatoes, avocado & prawns, 

with a Marie rose dressing

Jacket Potato with a choice of filling                                                         £8.95

(Cheese & Beans, Tuna mayo & sweetcorn or Chilli Beef)

all served with mixed salad & coleslaw.

Sandwiches & Paninis 

All eat-in sandwiches served with chips & salad Garnish

Portland Crab Sandwich                                                                                                         £12.95

Prawn & Mari Rose Sandwich                                                          £9.25

Cheese & Pickle Sandwich                                                               £8.25

Egg & Cress Sandwich                                                                    £8.25

BLT                                                                                          £8.25

Croque Monsieur                                                                           £9.25

Tuna & Cheese Panini                                                                    £9.25

Cheese & Tomato Panini                                                                 £8.95

Brie & Cranberry                                                       £8.95   (+bacon £9.75)

Fish Finger in a brioche bun with tartar sauce & lettuce                          £9.75


All burgers served with chips & coleslaw

The Good Life Beef Burger in a sesame brioche bun with a                                                    £11.25

caper & gherkin mayo 

Spicy Breaded Chicken Burger in a ciabatta roll with sriracha mayo                                £11.25

Lettuce & Sweet Chilli

Our Veggie Special Burger in a sesame brioche bun  Roasted Red Pepper                        £11.25

with halloumi & grilled Aubergine & Tzatziki Sauce


All served with Chips or Mash potato & Peas or Baked Beans

Fish Goujons, Chicken Nuggets, Beef Burger, Sausage,                                                        £7.25

Veggie Sausages, Mac 'n' Cheese

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